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What is phpdomxml?

phpdomxml is an OOP implementation of the XML DOM for PHP. It tries not to be a 100% complete implementation of the nifty w3c standards. In fact, its aim is to be a light-weight implementation for 'every-day' usage of XML-documents in a PHP 4.10+ environment. phpdomxml does not rely on any external libraries, it does however require the expat XML parser functions for PHP, which should be included by default.

Where can I download phpdomxml?

Right here:

0.9: 14 April 2005
- phpdomxml-0.9.tar.gz (22.7 kb)

0.8.5: 25 October 2003
- phpdomxml-0.8.5.tar.gz (14.7 kb)

0.8: 1 July 2003
- phpdomxml-0.8.tar.gz (3.9 kb)

Total downloads to date: 9000 (approximately).

What's new in version 0.9?

Everything: the whole core has been rewritten to fit the design of the w3c.

Where's the documentation?

Right here.

Where are the examples?

Right here.

Where can I find this on sourceforge?

Right here.

And on github?

Right here.